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Anselm (1033-1109) Probes Why Jesus Became Man. Why Did God ... His most radical, and perhaps most influential, contribution to Christian thought is Cur Deus Homo?, or Why Did God Become Man? Why did God ... Anselm's theory is highly popular, though not the only one—Abelard, for example, violently disagreed.
Anselm's inquiry Why did God become man? or Why a God-man? is a perennially engaging question, touching upon an immensely important issue: the necessity of the incarnation (and the atonement). Anselm's reply is, in essence, It was the only way to save mankind. Taking this as a very brief summary of Anselm's
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In the second part of this essay, I will explore Anselm's presupposition that the atonement is necessary, including an exposition of the deficiencies of Anselm's ... Anselm demonstrates that it was necessary and fitting for God to become incarnate to make atonement on man's behalf and that this required God to display
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Cur Deus Homo usually translated Why God Became a Man, is a book written by St Anselm of Canterbury in the period of 1094–1098. In this work he proposes the satisfaction view of the atonement. Anselm says his reason for writing the book is: I have been often and most earnestly requested by many, both personally and
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is Anselm's juridical theory of satisfaction. However, proper atten- tion has not yet been given, in our own more recent times, to the very answer that Anselm gave to the question, that is, to the thesis that God became man in order to redeem man from sin. is thesis has passed, without discussion, into our own contem-.
it Why God Became a [God-]man;2 and I divided it into two short books. The first of these contains the ... to Anselm, God assumed a particular human nature (not universal human na- ture). Thus, he did not become man .... For in order to do so we need an analysis of ability and necessity and will and of certain other notions
Finally, the overall quality of the essay is marred at times by a number of minor but still annoying defects. ... Virginali when he says that "it is quite likely that Anselm's principal claim to fame is his authorship of the book Cur Deus Homo" and that "the virgin conception and original sin is a corollary to why God became man.

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