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So, granted that the Anscombe thesis is right about dates, the question still stands as to whether it is wrong about anything. When I rejected Kim's semantics, I appealed to firm intuitive data having to do with predications and counting. Contrary to Kim, I argued, it can be true that the kick was an assault, because it can be
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In her essay “The First Person,” Anscombe argues that the word I is not typically used to refer to an object, and so it does not refer to a non-physical soul or mind, but neither does it refer .... They do not, as they might think, believe in the theory because unbiased reflection on experience tells us that this kind of theory is true.
Returning to the main topic of 'Making True': what of the thesis that every true proposition is made true by something? This thesis is a form of the correspondence theory of truth, and is no less popular today than when Wittgenstein wrote the Tractatus. Anscombe writes: If what makes something true is something else—that is
Elizabeth Anscombe's talents as a philosopher are universally recognised in what regards her works in such areas as metaphysics and the philosophy of action. When we come, however, to what she wrote on ethics this ceases to be true. Though her 1958 essay “Modern Moral Philosophy” had a significant influence on the
shed light on the idea of 'practical knowledge', which is the true focus of the idea of the non-observational in the study of action. When we see this we will be better able to see why Anscombe is con- cerned with the non-observational in the first place, and how this concern is tied to other characteristic Anscombian theses, for.
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The paper proceeds by offering a commentary on Elizabeth Anscombe's 'The First Person'.1 'The First Person' is best known, however, not for any thesis about ... the 'no reference' thesis, the thesis that T is 'neither a name nor another kind of expression whose logical role is to make a reference, at all'.2 If that thesis is true,
Thesis (3) is true because modern ethics depends on the concepts rejected in thesis (2). Anscombe's claim here can be traced back to people such as Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer, and Dostoyevsky, but it was she who developed it and most successfully argued for its relevance to moral philosophy. The idea is that ethicists
However, the attribution of thesis (2l to Frege (and possibly to Russelll is plausibly implied, as, given the "therefore" of 4.442, is the attribution of thesis ( I l. ... to Wittgenstein's 'Tractatus','-" Anscombe suggests that the verbs 'is true' and 'is false' should be understood as Wittgenstein's natural-language renderings of the

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